Given this table and told to pick a shot from A (fairly standard spirits), a shot from B (flavoured/novelty/grimace-forming), a mixer & a garnish in order to Mix Your Own Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster – this is a selection of what was drunk. (There were others, but by then we were too alight to write them down…)

2016-07-16 12.07.47

Tequila, Jagermeister & Coke. Cherry.

Dark Rum, Fireball (liquor with whisky & cinnamon), Red Bull. Umbrella.

Gin, Limoncello, Elderflower cordial & soda. Lime.

Pear schnapps, sloe gin, lemonade.

Pear schnapps, 10-year-old plastic bottle Seychelles dark rum, lemonade. Cherry.

Vodka, Limoncello & cranberry.

Bacardi, slow gin & cranberry.

Pear schnapps, Limoncello & Red Bull

Courvoisier, 10-year-old plastic bottle Seychelles dark rum, tonic water & grenadine. Lime.

Courvoisier, margarita mix, lemonade. Lime.

Whisky, Genepy, Limoncello, lemonade. Lime.

I recall having one later on that made me shudder to my core – needed a top up of Red Bull to make it palatable. Generally though, there were some great new drinks created!